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Supervise your Mind to Manage your Emotions

Anxiety, panic and fear about the future are natural and unavoidable in our lives. The Covid-19 pandemic is just highlighting this in the most acute way.

Covid-19 is not the cause of our inner emotional turmoil, pain and suffering. The cause is the way we think about Covid-19. It is our interpretation of the pandemic that defines our experience. This applies to any circumstances in our lives.

We are all facing Covid-19 and yet we are all experiencing different levels of emotion.

  • Some people are freaking out and panicking and are afraid to leave their home.

  • Some people are working hard at trying to manage other people’s behaviour, and are dictating how people should and shouldn’t behave.

  • Some people are just getting on with life and finding joy and calm in their day.

  • Some people are experiencing depression, anger and rage at the lockdown mandate.

  • Others are enjoying the opportunity to be with their family and to live life at a slower pace.

My invitation to you is let’s use the pandemic as an opportunity to let go of anxiety, panic and fear, because they do not serve you.

Stop asking “Why is this happening to me?” and stop telling yourself “It’s not fair”. Start working on acknowledging and accepting where you are so that you can figure out how to shift and move on.

Can you take all the necessary precautions to keep yourself, your family, and your community safe, and not spiral into fear and panic? Can I invite you to think about your thinking and to approach life from a different perspective? Shifting your thinking can give you relief.

I can help you to manage your emotions by managing and supervising your mind.

I can work with you on this regardless of what is happening now or what is going to happen in the future.

I can help you to understand that no matter what your circumstances are for you, you get to decide what to think and what to believe, and therefore what to feel.

Call today for a free 30 minute chat.

Kanchana Hoy


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